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Miroïke Spring/Summer 2008

The Berlin label's unconventional aesthetics is partly inspired by Vivienne Westwood, and in part by the 1950s French New Wave cinema. Design philosophy: rebellious sophistication with highest craftsmanship techniques and premium natural materials.
The Berlin-based women's wear label MIROÏKE was founded by Ulrike Seidel and Ramiro Calderón Alvarado in 2004. Both designers are graduates of the Berlin University of the Arts, where they quickly developed an original design aesthetic while studying fashion under Vivienne Westwood. MIROÏKE was one of the four nominees for this year's Karstadt New Generation Award at Berlin Fashion Week, along with Mongrels in Common.
Miroïke spring/summer 2008Miroïke spring/summer 2008
The unconventional elegance that MIROÏKE clothing and accessories send forth is inspired by the rebellious sophistication seen in the French New Wave cinema of the late 1950s. MIROÏKE's clothes, shoes and accessories are both refined and atypical due to the use of the highest hand-crafting techniques and fabrics such as silk, cashmere, linen, cotton and supple leather.
Miroïke spring/summer 2008Miroïke spring/summer 2008
You can see the duo's shoes and accessories line at MIROÏKE's official website.


Perhaps it's just her pose, but thought it is indeed "unconventional", the jacket shown in the top left photograph is incredibly unflattering. If nothing else, fashion should make a body look good.