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ZU Shoes

This print ad for ZU Shoes is, despite beliefs, targeted towards women not to men. I say this because I found it very disapproved by…men.

The concept of “femme fatale” is so common in fashion advertising, whether it’s clothes, accessories or fragrances. I don’t think it’s such a great print either but it s not the worst ever. As long as women think is logic and they buy it, then this ad has done its job.

I mean what woman wouldn’t want to look gorgeous and have a crowd of stunning men dieing for her? And if those shoes make her look dazzling, well…it’s quite a simple concept. Anyway, the city background is better than the Windows-like country one.

ZU ShoesZU Shoes

ZU ShoesZU Shoes ZU Shoes: Trail of Destruction

Advertising Agency: 303 Group, Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Lindsay Medalia
Art Director: Richard Berney
Photographer: Juliet Taylor, LOOK production
Stylist: Sara Francis, LOOK production
Retoucher: Greg Ross, momentum
Published: August 2007




I'm a guy (heterosexual) and I liked the ads!

Those are "cruel bitch" shoes after all aren't they? They put women in the subliminally recognized "good breading stock" pose that fits our blueprint for a mate (with us since primeval times) and thus start the stirrings in our gonads; and yet they are capable of destroying the very vulnerable parts of our anatomy that cause the conditioned response they helped to create!

Personally, I like feisty threatening women who know the reaction they cause! Who the hell wants a shrinking violet or a push-over? Give me an equal partner in the sack any day!

Come on girls stomp a few weaklings for the sheer hell of it.

Mike - IQ 154 (and 2 Master's Degrees!)

Oops! That'll teach me to check out the spelling before posting; that should be 'breeding stock' not 'breading stock', - it's nothing to do with baking!

Mike :-)