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Gap's new tv commercials

GAP partnered with Hollywood director Sofia Coppola and Wieden + Kennedy in New York to make a new stylish and original fashion holiday campaign.

The four tv commercials are charmingly odd, with storytelling about the charms and foibles of family life.

Tv commercial closing line: "You don't have to get them to give them Gap."

GAP’s tagline: "Dress normal."


Gauntlet - Gap Dress Normal - Holiday 2014


Mistletoe - Gap Dress Normal - Holiday 2014

Gap print ads
Gap print ads
Gap print ads
Gap print ads

Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, David Kolbusz
Creative Directors: Stuart Jennings, Susan Hoffman
Copywriters ("Mistletoe," "Pinball," "Crooner"): Laddie Peterson, Al Merry
Copywriters ("Gauntlet"): Laddie Peterson, Al Merry, Heather Ryder
Art Directors ("Mistletoe," "Pinball" "Crooner"): Jaclyn Crowley, Jeff Dryer
Art Directors ("Gauntlet"): Jaclyn Crowley, Jeff Dryer, Morgan Sheehan
Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Producer: Alison Hill
Director of Brand Planning: Erik Hanson
Brand Planner: Hayley Parker
Director of Interactive Strategy: Marshall Ball
Interactive Strategist: Jordan Schenck
Account Team: Tamera Geddes, Molly Friedman, Patty Ehinger
Business Affairs: Lisa Quintela

Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: Sofia Coppola
Executive Producer, Managing Director: Lisa Margulis
Executive Producer, Head of Production: Elizabeth Minzes
Line Producer: Youree Henley
Director of Photography: Eric Gautier

Editing Company: Consulate
Editor: Chad Sipkin
Post Executive Producer: Alan Lopez
Editorial Assistants: Ryan McCally, Elizabeth Navarro

Visual Effects Company: The Mill
Lead Flame: Jamin Clutcher
Producer: Clairellen Wallin

Telecine Company: CO3
Colorists: Tom Poole, Stefan Soonenfeld

Mix Company: Sonic Union
Mixer: Steve Rosen

Music Supervision Company: Able Baker

Music: "Pinball"
Song: "Deep Down"
Artist: Hazel & the Jolly Boys

Music: "Crooner"
Song: "Cry"
Artist: Johnnie Ray

Music: "Mistletoe"
Song: "I'm Not Ready for Love"
Artist: By the Promise

Music: "Gauntlet"
Song: "I've Got Stripes"
Artist: Johnny Cash


Bocage Paris

Advertising Agency: H-Paris. France /\ Creative Director: Benoit Devarrieux /\ Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Poillot, Philippe Boucheron /\ Photographer: Kourtney Roy

Bocage Paris - Shoes

Luciano Carvari - Flora Amore - Ad Campaign

Advertising Agency / Production: Кинограф
Art Directors: В. Кокошко
Creatives: Л. Лылык, К. Черных, Д. Марусов, А. Кравцов
Photography: Ю. Балан

Luciano Carvari Ad Campaign

IKEA goes fashionable

Don't you just love these new ads for IKEA? The international home product retailer borrows fresh new ideas from fashion. The latest IKEA printed ads feature what seems to be a fashion studio furnished in a typical minimalist and utilitarian manner by designer Peter Løchstøer. The model's clothes are made from bed linen and pillow cases also from IKEA.

IKEA goes fashionable

Campari Tales

The 9th edition of the Campari Calendar shows a change of style. Campari Tales, the concept for the year 2008, is a glamorous story book for grown ups. The central character of all twelve fairy tales is the charismatic Eva Mendes. The fairy tales that enchanted our childhood have been updated: Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White are independent women who write their own stories, now. And..oh, yes, they're all dressed up in designer dresses: Max Chaoul, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab, Alberta Ferretti.

Campari Tales

Diesel Human after all campaign

"Human After All" is the latest advertising campaign for Diesel denim. The seven frames take us into a technology ruled future as opposing to the "Fuel for Life" Diesel fragrance ads. A future that is still human as this clever Diesel ad accentuates. Even though technology takes big steps as clones' nurseries, teleportation and space ships will be common aspects of life, some things will never change and that implies the human nature.

Diesel Human

Diesel is Fuel For Life

Diesel Fuel for Life is the new fragrance by Diesel for men and women. Based on the looks of the bottle, reminding of an old whiskey bottle, the whole advertising campaign uses vintage reference and a sort of a saloon feeling. "Finally legalized" and "Use with Caution" can be read on the printed ads. Forbidden pleasure is not illegal anymore but is still as dangerous. The art direction is great as well as the copy. Maybe they should have stick to prints, TV ads kill the mystery.

Advertising Agency: FFL (Fred Farid Lambert), Paris, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid


ZU Shoes

This print ad for ZU Shoes is, despite beliefs, targeted towards women not to men. I say this because I found it very disapproved by…men.

The concept of “femme fatale” is so common in fashion advertising, whether it’s clothes, accessories or fragrances. I don’t think it’s such a great print either but it s not the worst ever. As long as women think is logic and they buy it, then this ad has done its job.

ZU Shoes
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