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Toni Garrn

Nonchalant-chic summery looks in Harper's Bazaar

Another dreamy editorial signed by gifted fashion photographer Camilla Akrans is published in Harper's Bazaar US magazine, the April 2011 issue.

Chic easy pieces - Harper's Bazaar US
by Camilla Akrans, Harper's Bazaar
Toni Garrn in Harper's Bazaar, april 2011
Toni Garrn - Camilla Akrans - Harper's Bazaar
fashion editorial Harper's Bazaar US april 2011
by Camilla Akrans, Harper's Bazaar
Toni Garrn in Harper's Bazaar, april 2011
Toni Garrn - Camilla Akrans - Harper's Bazaar
fashion editorial Harper's Bazaar US april 2011
Chic easy pieces - Harper's Bazaar US

Zara campaign: fall/winter 2009/2010


What's not to like about Zara fall/winter 2009/2010 campaign shot by fashion photographer David Sims? German model Toni Garrn, here in a meditative mood, is one of my favorite faces in fashion, the clean, modern cut of chic urban clothes are quite appealing. I also love minimalist photography in black and white or in soft, shaded light and neutral colors. The fall 2009 Zara ad campaign has more of a somber tone which I find quite fresh for the Spanish high end fashion chain.


Zara ad fw09 - Toni Garrn

Prada spring/summer 2009 ad campaign

Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign for luxury fashion label Prada was inspired by ancient stone bas-reliefs - depicting everyday life scenes and in this case dancing (?!). Well, anyway, the crinkled, glossy, textured fabrics and leathers Miuccia Prada planned for this season really go together with this idea.
Same goes for the sculptured hair-styling and the rigid, statuesque postures of the 7 topmodels that look so alike.
Prada ss09 ad campaign - 1
Ad Campaign: Prada womenswear spring-summer 2009
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Models: Nimue Smit, Giedre Dukauskaite, Sigrid Agren, Toni Garrn, Katrin Thormann, Viktoriya Sosonkina and Ymre Stiekema

Chloé spring/summer 2009 ad campaign

And here is again model Toni Garrn in a female bonding photoplay alongside Polish beauty Anna Jagodzinska. Pictures were shot by Swedish photographer Mikael Jansson for Chloé spring/summer 2009 ad campaign.

He is well known for his long-time collaboration with Donna Karan (or for the Marc Jacobs-as-Andy Warhol editorial in Numéro Magazine) as well as for his ability to achieve through his photographs an intense, intimate, cinematographic mood.

Chloé spring 2009 ad campaign
Chloé spring 2009 Toni & Anna
Ad campaign: Chloé spring/summer 2009
Models: Toni Garrn, Anna Jagodzinska
Photographer: Mikael Jansson

Cottage By The Sea

Vogue Italia featured, once again, the controversial work of fashion photographer Steven Meisel. German models Toni Garrn and Katrin Thormann star in this cinema inspired editorial entitled "Cottage by the Sea" that was published in the magazine's November 2008 issue.
Hints of Ingmar Bergman's 1966 art-film "Persona" can be seen in these ambiguous, surreal pictures taken at a beautiful but gloomy seaside location.
Vogue Italia nov2008 cover
Vogue Meisel Toni Garrn
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 1
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 2
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 3
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 4
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 5
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 6
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 7
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 8
Vogue Meisel Katrin Thormann
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 9
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 10
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 11
Vogue Italia Steven Meisel - 12
Vogue Italia, November 2008
Editorial: "Cottage by the Sea"
Models: Toni Garrn and Katrin Thormann.
Photographer: Steven Meisel

Jill Stuart fall 2008-winter 2009 ad campaign

I love these new ads from Jill Stuart fall 2008 campaign. They catch up with the arty mood of the past season and translate it into colorful, splattered with paint backgrounds that remind of Pollock's paintings.

The chaotic settings manage to emphasize a glamorous look, with German beauty Toni Garrnd modeling sophisticated ink blue and glossy black outfits.

Jill Stuart fall 2008/winter 2009 ad campaign
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