Animal prints in small bites

Who doesn’t find irresistible the wild and sexy mood of a right placed animal print? Well…I’m kind of fed up with so much animal prints seen this season. Feline or other wild animal skin from head to toe is a big fashion mistake. This Kenzo look shown here must not be tried at home, although I think the designer just wanted to have a little fun.

Big pieces like coats, dresses or skirts are, in my opinion, a bit washed up, a little bit to 80s- except for a fabulous silk flowing dress, à la Cavalli.

Animal printsAnimal prints

Though, if you really want to wear animal prints look for tighter animal prints like cheetah and leopard that look great on most people. Pair animal prints with neutrals (white, cream, beige, gray, black, and khaki) or if you want a 80s totally look team them with bold colors (hot pink, lime-yellow, electric blue).

The best way to wear animal prints is through fashion accessories like belts, scarves, bags and shoes. This pair of cheetah print ballet flats and the tiger print scarf are both from Nordstrom and cad add enough spice to a casual, modern outfit.

Nordstrom - Modern outfitNordstrom - Modern outfit

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