The art of sculpting sweetness

Those irresistible sweet faces of Ana Salvador’s “girls” gain each one of them a home. The original porcelain art dolls of the Portuguese born artist display a frozen-in-time gesture and their delicate, strange features with angelic, gleaming eyes evoke innocence, reverie, sadness and many more.

Sarah, porcelain doll by Ana SalvadorSarah, porcelain doll by Ana Salvador

Inspired by decorative styles including Art Nouveau, Victorian, pre-Raphaelite, Gothic and Symbolism as well as by the works of Lewis Caroll, Tim Burton and other fantasy authors, Ana Salvador creates unique porcelain art dolls, the most heart-melting poupées I have ever seen. A graduate of Communication Design, Ana followed her passion for art, now living in Amsterdam where she fulfils her artistic skills, working with polymer clay, her favorite sculpting material.

Equipped with distinct personalities, frilly “weathered” dresses and toys or pets, each doll has a tale to tell. The level of exquisite details is breathtaking. Next step for Ana Salvador is a ball jointed porcelain dolls’ line, starting with lolita-esque Julie, then a new generation of fancier grown-up "girls" like Dorothy and Satine, where mobility and sensuality are key words. They will be soon put for sale so be sure to keep an eye on DragonflyWorks (the artist's commercial brand name), also layaway is available for any of Ana’s BJD porcelain dolls.

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