Artist submission: Ash Lethal

Ashleigh Fedo from Ash Lethal likes our modern art blog and we couldn’t be more honored to feature the works of this young American artist. Born in sunny Palm Beach, Florida, Ashleigh is a self-taught illustrator with a keen interest in music and a big love for animals (she is a SPCA volunteer). She began her artist career in April 2007 and since then she added in her portfolio notable group and solo art shows around Atlanta and at the Hive Gallery in L.A. as well as great artwork for music album covers, band t-shirts prints, advertising logos and other design projects.

Ash Lethal, The DaliaAsh Lethal, The Dalia

Ash Lethal's acrylic paintings and ink drawings are described as cute and creepy but there’s more than that. I adore her unevenly patterned backgrounds, vivid mix of colors and determined lines. Inspired by music, comics, wildlife, street art and childhood memories her artistic style is constantly evolving from cartoonish-cute fantasy creatures and romantic self representations to philosophical statements on adult life and social interactions. Looking forward for more art from Ashleigh aka Ash Lethal!

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