Charming Baker

When you look at one of Charming Baker's paintings you are left with this peculiar feeling of discomfort and intimacy. The artist himself declares that "the effect I'm aiming for in my work is that slightly unnerving feeling you get when you have your arse patted in public but you're not exactly sure who's patting it".

Charming Baker Duck Teddy: Charming Baker Duck Teddy

He cleverly mixes influences like cheap books, heroes, Zulus, odd-looking women, suburbia, packaging, the smell of make-up and cheap perfume, and Britain In Colour into a new whole, something that is "not quite right" and unexpected.

The artist, Charming Alan Baker, studied at Central St Martins, London, and paints exclusively in oil on canvas, linen, wood and paper. His works are now displayed within Pour Me Some Smoke, a group exhibition at Carmichael Gallery Of Contemp Art (LA) until November 30th, 2008.

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