Denim trends

From some time now I’ve been checking denim trends every season. You just can’t leave this fabric out from your wardrobe.

Everyone can wear it almost everywhere. And every season fashion designers come up with different cuts, styles, shades.

This season is a good time to renew your denim wardrobe. There is the skinny dark jean – drop, medium or the newcomer high waist- that can be worn with everything from striped t-shirts to jersey tops or feminine blouses.

As the basic denim wardrobe needs two pairs, a dressing up one and a casual one, you can choose men style jeans in the latter case. Chic and lean with side pockets or very loose and with suspenders, men style jeans can be successfully worn with crisp shirts and vests for a polished look, with short cropped jackets or with collegiate tops.

Denim trendsDenim trends

There are other ways of refreshing that denim wardrobe: loose shorts, workman like shirts or, my favorite, a sexy jumpsuit worn with ankle boots.

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