Dilkabear's whimsical world

Dilkabear's whimsical world

A wonderful world to awake the inner child in you filled with dreamy landscapes, fantastic furry beasts and odd doll-like, delicate characters describe the artwork of Nassyrova Dilka. Living in Trieste, Italy she sells her art, available on prints, originals and ACEOs, under the label of Dilkabear at her Etsy shop dilkabear.etsy.com

Hisako by Dilkabear

The artist studied painting and graphic at the university and after working as a graphic designer for many years, she says “I decided to be a full time artist”, giving painting more attention. Using acrylic or oil media on small wood panels (12”x12” max) she portrays the mysteries, the loves and sorrows of childhood. Strange, wonderful little girls and boys with sage eyes share a strong connection with a magical nature. Dilka brings to her art what she loves: the sea, warm, snowy winter, poppies and more.

She is also a talented illustrator and cartoonist with work published in major magazines and also in several books. The artist just signed an illustration for the children’s book “Around the World in the Blink of an Eye” depicting Italy at lunch time. She also makes time to collaborate with various art projects such as Feed Your Soul or the Kokeshi show 2009 at LATDA museum. Dilkabear artwork sells real quickly so if you’re in London in March, 11-14, check out the Affordable Art Fair, Le Siants gallery, for a shot at wonderful originals including Hisako, Mein Lieber Oscar and Spirit of the Fog.

image source: flickr

Dilkabear's Dandelion Girl
Dilkabear's Eveline
Dilkabear's Angoscia
Dilkabear's Cactus Girl
Dilkabear's Honey
Dilkabear's Miyuki
Dilkabear's New Moon
Dilkabear's Bunny
Dilkabear's Red Bird
Dilkabear's Spirit of the Fog
Dilkabear's Stephanie
Dilkabear's Ocean's Whisper
Dilkabear's Summer Dream
Dilkabear's Mein Lieber Oscar
Dilkabear's book illustration

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