Doll marvels from a Tireless Artist

Angel doll by Tireless Artist

Dorote Zaukaite Villela from Kaunas, Lithuania brings beauty to the world with her amazing art dolls. Under the label of TirelessArtist, Dorote creates and sells delicate masterpieces sculpted mostly from air-dry clay and painted with fine acrylic or oil paints.

Mary art doll by Tireless ArtistMary art doll by TirelessArtist

In only two years time, TirelessArtist's style has evolved to flawless technique and appearance. The dolls have natural silk or wool hair, their beautiful clothes are handmade from natural fabrics, all dyed/painted and embroidered by hand. Inspired by historic figures such as Queen Elisabeth I, China's Empress Wu Zetian, legendary Joan D'arc or by fairytale characters Dorote's artdolls mesmerize us with their earnest, mysterious little faces, frail bodies and richly detailed outfits.

Working for more than 7 years as a graphic and interior designer after graduating Art College, Dorote wanted to make a better use of her skills and fell in love with the art of sculpting dolls. "The doll artist has to be also a sculptor and a painter and hairdresser and couturier" and the TirelessArtist accomplish all that with great talent, enjoying this meticulous work even if it takes weeks, even months before one artdoll is finished.

When she is not making dolls, she spends time drawing or creating "beautiful OOAK thingies" which she sells on Etsy. And hurry up if you want Gloria, the steampunk art doll she is still available at TirelessArtis's Etsy store.

Dirvolira art doll by TirelessArtist
Gloria art doll by TirelessArtist
Onyx art doll by TirelessArtist
Joan and Angel art dolls by TirelessArtist
Wu Zetian art doll by TirelessArtist
Mask art doll by TirelessArtist
Dream Seller art doll by TirelessArtist
Mister Professor art doll by TirelessArtist
November Morning art doll by TirelessArtist

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