Dreamily fashionable faces

Swedish illustrator Stina Persson, working in Stockholm, is a very busy freelance artist considering her established clients including Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Sony Music, Bloomingdale’s, DKNY, Target, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar or Nylon Magazine. She realized that fashion is more about fantasy and glamorous aura than clothes so she focuses on that dreamy quality in her fashion illustrations.

Stina Persson - RejuvenateStina Persson - Rejuvenate

Stina uses a mix of mediums including ink, acrylic and even paper cut-outs which she applies to create bold images & collages with sharp edges. My favorites though are her soft, colorful watercolor illustrations with dripping splatters (apparently random yet so inspired) depicting hauntingly beautiful, ethereal and totally stylish characters.

The artist’s works have been featured in various (fashion) illustration books, are printed on tees and other apparel and accessories; she has collaborated with Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals and her artistic projects just keep coming.

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