Eudon Choi's geometric elegance

Eudon Choi fall-winter 2012 collection

For Eudon Choi, Korean-born, London-based womenswear designer, the perfect winter coat should add instant elegance but also "offer a real sense of protection and be really practical". A trained menswear designer in Seoul Eudon started his international career after graduating London Royal College of Art's MA course in women’s fashion.

Eudon Choi fall-winter 2012 collectionEudon Choi fall-winter 2012 collection

His menswear expertise offers a structural aesthetic and a modern functionality to his designs, his fashion forward vision attracts the hip, cosmopolite and style confident women. No wonder his graduate collection got him the senior designer position at Twenty8Twelve, Savannah and Sienna Miller sisters’ fashion label.

Eudon Choi autumn-winter 2012 collection

Eudon Choi, the womenswear fashion label, was established in 2009 and already won important talent awards and this year made its runaway debut at London Fashion Week. The fall/winter 2012 collection was inspired by the legendary Antarctic expedition of Captain Scott as declared by the designer himself for Young British Designers.

Eudon Choi AW 2012-2013 collection

As a chromatic palette he used neutral colors spiced up with bright blue and glittery fabric inserts. Geometric cuts in playful asymmetry, patchwork-style color blocks, in-trend leather inserts describe this modernist collection while the fur collars bring glamour to those smart winter coats.

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