Fantastic photographs of Dariusz Klimczak

I spent so many days trying to figure out how Dariusz Klimczak took these splendid photographs. Klimczak definitely charmed me with his surreal artworks, based on perfect compositions, eerie, fascinating characters, fictional sets and accurate technique.

Dariusz Klimczak photographyDariusz Klimczak photography

Born in 1967 in Sieradz, Poland, Dariusz Klimczak is also an independent journalist, painter and aphorist, but recently he admitted that photography is his most loved profession. Having a 25 years experience in this field, former chairman of FOTOSIS association is currently a freelance photographer, with work exhibited in the cities of Pabianice, Słupsk and Ostrołęka.

Dariusz Klimczak photographyDariusz Klimczak photography

The artist prefers black and white photography and square frames, but he doesn’t avoid colors. They’re just as good to make universal symbols, bewildering illusions and subtle humor reach the public, stirring childlike amusement and sheer contemplation.

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