Fashion cards and gothic queens

Californian (LA) designer and illustrator Connie Lim places glamorous, dark yet playful girls on playing cards, proving that fashion creativity really has no limits. At the present she is a student of renowned Central Saint Martins and much in love with the city of London.

Connie Lim, Fashion Playing CardsConnie Lim, Fashion Playing Cards

Inspired by avant-garde English designer Gareth Pugh and by enduring genius of much regretted Alexander McQueen, Connie's favorite characters are fashionable gothic queens, bold, beautiful and dangerous women, with dark massive make-up and incredible high-heels as essential “accessories”. In fact, her illustrated queens led to an entire set of playing cards with a glamorous twist.

Connie Lim, Fashion Playing CardsConnie Lim, Queen of Clover

Connie Lim's fashion illustrations (done with pen, ink and gouache) have been featured in Dazzed Digital, Idol Magazine, exhibited at Gallery Nucleus along with a capsule fashion collection that embodies her feminine and dark style. The world she creates as an illustrator and designer brings her to unknown territories and opens the road to an uncertain but fascinating future. Hope she'll come back soon with more amazing artworks!

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