Garance Doré and her fascinating fashion portraits

Undoubtedly street style has become one of the biggest inspiration sources for the fashion world. Street fashion photo-blogs and online glossy magazines publish weekly (some daily) an impressive number of shots taken on street, showing interesting personal styles of regular people or fashion insiders. But quantity doesn’t beat quality and there are few street-style photographers that attain a high level of aesthetic (Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist is one) but there’s no one that can achieve the artistic quality of miss Garance Doré’s snapshots.

Garance Dore - style photo

They’re so great that she got her own feature in Vogue Paris entitled “Une fille Une style” where she focuses on the personal style of various artists, stylists, models. Funny thing is that Garance Doré, a professional illustrator, started her blog as a public display for her drawings and random thoughts on fashion, which she always had a passion for. But what I love about her street style photos is that she always captures the real woman/man behind the fashionable clothes she/he is wearing.

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