How old is the vintage trend?

Vintage trend cherishes the past values in art, design and crafts. Now, how back into the past goes this trend? Dinosaur Era, like this fossil necklace here left?

These cool dinosaur necklaces, £96.00, are from Tatty Devine boutique. They're made of acrylic and metal alloy, the dinosaur's legs measure 9cm and the total length of the chain is 46cm. The dinosaur's skeleton, hanging from a strand of tiny seed beads, numbers over 50 bones. Unfortunately the black one is sold out but these three look pretty cool, and if you're looking for an orange dinosaur, hurry up! It's almost extinct.

White Dinosaur Necklace


Gold Dinosaur Necklace


Orange Dinosaur Necklace


And how about this castle-ruins-necklace? Teams up both the gothic and the vintage trend. Inverted Ruins Necklace, $158.00, pewter and plastic, from Mended Veil.

Inverted Ruins Necklace

Inverted Ruins Necklace

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