Jeremy Geddes painted phobias

"I'm not interested in giving a didactic final meaning" to his works, says artist Jeremy Geddes (his website here) in an interview for Sprayblog. "I just want to spark questions in the viewer".

The White CosmonautThe White Cosmonaut

Did he managed to spark questions in our mind? He sure did with his paintings painted in a realistic manner and portraying flying red or white cosmonauts, grotesques masques, phobias, nightmarish scenes and subconscious monsters.

The Red CosmonautThe Red Cosmonaut

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Jeremy Geddes worked before being a full-time painter, in game development. Then he "hang out" only in his studio, as he confesses, trying to capture emotional states in his works, created either with oil on linen or with oil on board.

His works are masterpieces, if you ask us. Perhaps because his main belief is: keep doing what you're doing and keep trying to do it better!

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