Joe Webb: innovative old school collages

Joe Webb, Antares And Love III

After working as a graphic designer for several years British artist Joe Webb decided to put digital technologies aside for making smart and fresh-looking paper collages. Using found imagery, limited at two or three pictures, Webb creates by hands (and scissors) a single image that speaks a clean message. His works play with the ideas of old class glamour and glossiness - all fabricated and hallow, the clash between western world and other cultures and the hilarity of humans littleness as opposed with the immensity of universe.

Absent Minded by Joe WebbAbsent Minded by Joe Webb

The base for most of his collages is 1950’s magazine images;  the artist irreverently plays with his favorite golden era when everything looked too perfect, unraveling that period's dark secrets by contrasting the glossy pictures with cosmic space (Antares and Love series) and void themes. If his works were created in the "fifties" he would have been a subversive artist, in 2012 his art is somewhat melancholic. But nonetheless rightfully recognized and displayed by renowned Saatchi Gallery in London.

Joe Webb, Absent Minded II
Joe Webb, Antares and Love III
Joe Webb, Daydream I
Joe Webb, Kissing Magrite
Joe Webb, Moonwalk
Joe Webb, Sunny Day
Joe Webb, Gringo
Joe Webb, Meeting Adjurned
Joe Webb, Milkshake

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