Life through photographic lenses

Peter Lippmann is a still life photographer (capturing impressive  images of food and plants), born in USA, but working for the past 15 years in Paris. He captures the wild, sometimes dark, side of glamour in fashion editorials and advertising and is also a sought after portrait photographer.

Peter Lippmann, personal work, CameraPeter Lippmann, personal work, Camera

Some of his clients include famous brands such as Cartier, Guerlain, Nicolas wines, Chianti and well-known magazines such as Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire and Le Figaro. In his spear time he writes songs and sings in Parisian rock band “Zee Mutts”

Peter Lippmann, MoroccoPeter Lippmann, Morocco

His work is, without exception, intriguing, based on strange combination of glossy and rotten, “alive and dead” objects, as if inspired from the mystery and grotesque of Gothic art. What I love the most, though, is his personal work which you can see in the gallery below.

Dreamy landscapes of Thailand, Iceland or Egypt, virgin territories and exotic places they are all captured in Lippmann photographs, which are quite different from his commercial work, shedding serenity.  What do you think?

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