Marie Larkin's unapologetic quirky girls

Inspired by fairytales and nursery rhymes Australian artist Marie Larkin creates dainty feminine art with a dark humorous twist. Richly colored and detailed like a lavish couture embroidery Marie’s oil and acrylic paintings weave quirky little narratives. Fragile, dollish heroines with fascinating eyes subtly wink at us as they get their sweet revenge.

Later Jack by Marie LarkinLater Jack by Marie Larkin

Nobody can describe her beautiful work better than the artist herself. The Rhyme and Reason series of drawings, paintings and sculpted art dolls play with familiar children stories, surprising the viewer with a different interpretation, in a black humor note.

"The girls have an otherworldly whimsy about them that takes a little away from their sugary cuteness." Their appearance evolved from sad and introspective to a more forceful mood: “cheeky, vengeful, downright cruel or somewhat trippy”.

Marie Larkin is a visual artist and art teacher since 1980. She achieved national recognition and success in the 1990s as an embroiderer winning important awards, grants and media coverage. Nowadays she works in a loft studio near Tamworth, NSW, creating beautiful paintings, drawings, sculptures and mixed-media art pieces.

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