Megan Park's works of art

I was looking at some of the shows from L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2008 and I came across the wonderful collection of Megan Park. Every item, garment or accessory, is created by hand with beading and embroidery made by highly skilled artisans in India. Even the prints and dyes are produced using old handcraft techniques.

Megan Park autumn/winter 2008

Megan Park autumn/winter 2008

Born in Australia, Megan worked for a while as a textile designer in Melbourne, after completing a fashion degree. She then moved to London and began designing textiles for a well-respected agency whose clients include Givenchy, Dries van Noten and Kenzo.

She started her own fashion business with a collection of evening bags and scarves. After a roaring success, Megan launched her first womenswear collection in 1999, which, nowadays, is being sold in 180 stores throughout the world. The Megan Park label includes now women's ready to wear, lingerie, accessories and a home collection, launched in 2002.

Megan Park collection

Megan Park ready-to-wear collection

Megan Park trademarks are the luxurious beading, embroidery and hand-block printing giving her precious designs a timeless appeal. Main fashion editors described them as "modern antiques" or "heirlooms of the future", each garment being an outstanding work of art. Megan's inspiration comes from all over the world, from the markets in Delhi, street vendors in Hong Kong to the Parisian flea markets and London's museums.

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