Mysticism and sensuality with a fashion sense

Martine Johanna, Deeper

It's hard to say that she's focusing on a certain area although sensual mystical women are her usual subjects. Martine Johanna's works are a combination of multiple feelings, sensations, and personal experiences. She also finds inspiration in the vastest of cultural, historical and mythological backgrounds she never ceases to explore.

Martine Johanna, DeeperMartine Johanna, Deeper

"A slight fashion influence, a tender darkness and an undertow of sexual tension is an undeniable part of the works". After 10 years working as women's fashion designer Martine Johanna still has an affinity for the fashion industry in its extreme and cultural form.  Returning to art she felt free to reveal parts of her personality, playing with taboos, exploring original cultures, different views on life and death.

Martine Johanna, MetastaseisMartine Johanna, Metastaseis

Johanna's art can be situated in between contemporary illustration, art nouveau and pop surrealism. She explores various mediums, from graphite on paper, acrylic on canvas, digital illustration to mural painting and abstract handicrafts.

Martine Johanna, The Chair
Martine Johanna, Those Little Things
Martine Johanna, Sleep
Martine Johanna, Ribs Out
Martine Johanna, Drift
Martine Johanna, Absolute Green
Martine Johanna, Red
Martine Johanna, The Woods
Martine Johanna, Ubi Amor Ibi Dolor
Martine Johanna, Herz, mural painting

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