Nightmarish world of Anton Semenov

Heat Of The Land by Anton Semenov

27 years old Russian artist Anton Semenov creates dark surreal digital-art pieces inspired by everyday life. Considering the world as today one can easily understand the tenebrous connotation in art, but Anton's disturbing vision is one that stays in your mind for a very long time. 

City Of Decay by Anton SemenovCity Of Decay by Anton Semenov

War plague, muted, hollowed eyed creatures, post-apocalypse monsters with threatening beaks and bone-thin arms, grotesque clowns and the powerless feeling of imminent danger is in every stunning image signed by gloom82, Anton’s artistic alter ego. The use of red color, a brilliant touch for the smoky grey color palette, enhances the menacing atmosphere.

Living in the small city of Bratsk, Russia, Anton works as a graphic designer for a local advertising company and comes home to his big, black cat. To create his impressive, highly-detailed art he uses Photoshop software and "Genius" Wizard Pen, with a flawless technique.

Read more about this talented artist in the interview he gave to graphic design website

Thistle by Anton Semenov
Old Clown by Anton Semenov
Children Of War by Anton Semenov
Apocalypse by Anton Semenov
Heat Of The Land by Anton Semenov
Go Freak by Anton Semenov
Talisman by Anton Semenov
Shout by Anton Semenov

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