Passionate about painting and life itself

Melissa Moss has a very interesting tale. In the past she worked in publishing, but a full-time job in that field didn't exactly trill her. Every day she felt more depressed for having to go over and over again to that job she didn't feel comfortable with. So one day she followed her husband's advice and quitted that job. And guess what? Afterwards, she founded her true passion in painting!

Melissa Moss, Too HappyMelissa Moss, Too Happy

She is now a full-time artist, living in Asheville, NC with her dearest husband and son. I think this is a great story and I can tell from her paintings that she's extremely happy with her present life. Every piece of her art, express her true passion for life, her love for her son and family, and the idea that we can pass troubles if we stay together. She prefers working with acrylic on wood or with gouaches on wood or even with both.

Melissa Moss, I miss you when you are asleepMelissa Moss, I miss you when you are asleep

Furthermore, Melissa studied the meanings and associations of colors and their various shades and used this to convey mood in every painting. That is why when feeling happy or painting blissful scenes she uses pink, blue or relaxing green, and yellow, purple and very light shades of blue when describing a troubling situation. I absolutely love her paintings and extremely cute characters I so much want to see over and over again. Keep up the good work Melissa!

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