From photography to illustration

Darren Hopes - from photography to illustration

Darren Hopes was always an illustrator. He had no doubt about what career he should choose, but, despite his feelings, he ended up studying photography. "Jem Southam came along and (...) showed me cut up photographs, constructed images, scribbled on negatives, painted on Polaroid, photo-illustration (...) and I was tempted".

Darren Hopes, digital illustrationDarren Hopes, digital illustration

His true passion revealed its self a little bit later, when Darren began drawing on his photographs, painted on the negatives and then continuing this game with a little help of Photoshop. That was the beginning of a versatile creation process and the birth of a strong partnership between Darren Hopes and clients such as GQ magazine, Washington Post, Peugeot, Oxford University Press, Saturday Express, Global Investor magazine and so many more. He also has personal projects and occasionally writes articles. Great work!

Darren Hopes, C'mon Mate
Darren Hopes, Loosen Uke Threat
Darren Hopes, Tamsin
Darren Hopes, Shoe
Darren Hopes, GQ
Darren Hopes, Rebecca
Darren Hopes, SC
Darren Hopes, Board Room
Darren Hopes, Darren Cia
Darren Hopes, Music Tools
Darren Hopes, Androids

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