A reason to dare the world

Photography gives Andris Feldmanis the perfect reason "to pull myself together and step out of the apartment" as he openly says. This young and talented Estonian artist has an incredible sense of photographic subjects. He is working almost all the time with cameras like Bronica SQ-a, Ricoh GRD II (mainly used as a light meter for the Bronica), Olympus XA.

Andris Feldmanis, AttackAndris Feldmanis, Attack

Andris is also a film critic, activity that definitely influenced his approach as a photographer. Many of his images have a story feel to them be it a funny playful one like the white geese Attack photo. Also the clean composition, muted colors of his artistic photography talk more about his cinematic background.

Andris Feldmanis, PurpleAndris Feldmanis, Purple

Nude legs, bohemian street portraits, authentic architectural details or surreal night landscapes, all have their place in Feldmanis portfolio. He seems to consider photos as part of an experimental work, not wondering about their central theme, because there isn't any. There are all beautiful pictures, all of them letting us know something more about the men behind the camera.

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