Snapshots of everlasting nature

For her Human Nature art project Debbie Carlos took stunning nature-like photography with wild-life scene exhibits at Chicago's Field Museum. Debbie's photographs of taxidermied animals give the illusion that a quiet life goes on inside those glass showcases. It's because of the obscure light she explores in her photos, those desaturated tones that makes the images romantic but dark, with a mystical atmosphere.

Debbie Carlos, Human NatureDebbie Carlos, Human Nature

By extension, her photos explore human nature and the will to understand nature. As the artist says, "inside the museum, nature is labeled, classified, and static, turned into an object of knowledge. These photos attempt to capture the mystery and romance of this very pursuit—the sincerity of the scientific endeavor, the pathos of its visible failure, and the beauty of the attempt to engage with nature".

Debbie Carlos, Human NatureDebbie Carlos, Human Nature

Born in LA, Debbie is now living in Chicago. She first studied Psychology at Clark University and then went studying Photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And she did well, as her works are really remarkable.

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