Story-telling illustrations

Born in Avila, Spain, Raquel Aparicio is a 24 year-old artist and a talented illustrator with artworks published in media, books and advertising. She worked for clients such as The New York Times, ELLE, Psychologies, Nokia and Orange, but she also created artworks for books and institutions like the Ministry of Foreign Affair or Xunta de Galicia.

Raquel Aparicio Illustration

"I try to tell different stories with my drawings. I try to connect with the viewer telling tales. Some of the pieces (the cat drawings) came from "Cats' paradise", a story written by Émile Zola, beautiful and really inspiring", says Raquel in a short interview for Gallery Nucleus where she sells her original illustration, drawn with indian ink or acrylic ink on paper.

She studied illustration in Spain and also in Florida, and she simply loves reading. Raquel is also a big fan of creepy animation and cats, which seem to constantly nurture her imagination. Our too!    

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