Sylvia Ji and her sad fairies

Sylvia Ji constantly surprises us with her beautiful paintings. Focusing especially on feminine figures (perhaps her own alter-egos), Sylvia explores beauty, sensuality, social notions in provocative captivating artworks. Some of her heroines are, as I said before, symbolic reflections of her, others are fictional figures, juxtaposed with mystical landscapes, all bursting into passion and decay.

Sylvia Ji, Worm WoodSylvia Ji, Worm Wood

Sylvia works especially with acrylics on wood panels, using the simplest materials and just letting her work to "magically happen".  She was born in 1982 in San Francisco, into an artistic family, and, having been influenced by both her mother and father's paintings and sketches, in 2005 she graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a bachelor in illustration.

Sylvia Ji, Night ShadeSylvia Ji, Night Shade

The artist had her first successful solo show before graduating and from that day on Sylvia is continuously engaged in art shows trough the West Coast, in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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