Urban decay - digitally rendered

Belgian artist Jonas De Ro has a bachelor degree and a master degree in audio-visual arts and his portfolio includes works from various fields like concept art, animation, matte painting, photography, visual effects and sound design. Without any doubt, he proves great skills in every of the above fields. But if we have to pick a favorite, we would definitely choose his concept art gallery.

Jonas De Ro, New York RuinsJonas De Ro, New York Ruins

His fascinating surreal images, full of incredible details, with wide angles and amazing luminosity effects, prove that Jonas is also a talented photographer and an enthusiastic globe trotter, as he confesses that most of the images he operates with are actually taken from his trips. One of his favorite themes is decay of urban environments, beautifully explored in his digital paintings. As for his technique, most of the time Jonas uses Adobe Photoshop and sometimes After Effects and Google SketchUp. When he takes pictures, he chooses a Canon 5D MKII and 7D and a large variety of lenses of Canon L series.

Jonas De Ro, Lost CitadelJonas De Ro, Lost Citadel

To create those beautiful panoramas the artist uses wide angle lens when taking photographs or he builds basic 3D blocks as a reference in Google SketchUp where he chooses “field of view” option in the camera settings. For the photographic look he uses his own pictures and then starts digital painting or he creates textures and places them in the scene, then begins distorting and editing them. For that dreamlike, splendid light, Jonas uses a soft round brush to paint volumetric light. The final result is simply spectacular.

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