What is art all about

If you ask Mexican artist Eduardo Rubio what is art about, he will surely answer you he doesn't believe in a definitive theory and that modern art does not rely on creation, but on the unique artistic characteristics used to make a fresh but lasting statement.

Eduardo Rubio paintingEduardo Rubio "Chiki" painting

Rubio is a versatile artist who uses different means to express an idea or tell a story and whose work includes paintings, illustrations, graphics and even 3D installations. His artworks display various mediums from oil on canvas to ink, watercolor, acrylic on paper to color pencils and wax on wood and paper collages, lithography, etching, xylography and the list goes on.

"I feel that to be an artist in the twenty-first century is to abandon the role of creator, in order to utilize available means and mediums to express the idea in artistic terms", says Eduardo on his page from Saatchi Gallery.

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