Diesel is Fuel For Life


Diesel Fuel for Life is the new fragrance by Diesel for men and women. Based on the looks of the bottle, reminding of an old whiskey bottle, the whole advertising campaign uses vintage reference and a sort of a saloon feeling. "Finally legalized" and "Use with Caution" can be read on the printed ads. Forbidden pleasure is not illegal anymore but is still as dangerous. The art direction is great as well as the copy. Maybe they should have stick to prints, TV ads kill the mystery.

Advertising Agency: FFL (Fred Farid Lambert), Paris, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters, Art Directors: Juliette Lavoix, Pauline de Montferrand
Photographer: Nick Knight
Accounts: Emmanuel Ferry, Nathalie Chopra, Vanessa Roghe

Bettine-Fuel For LifeBettine
Clement-Fuel For LifeClement
Didier-Fuel For LifeDidier
Gaelle-Fuel For LifeGaelle
Jared-Fuel For LifeJared
Judith-Fuel For LifeJudith-Fuel For Life
Roxanne-Fuel For LifeRoxanne

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