Lavazza Calendar 2009 Edition

Lavazza reveales the pictures shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz for the seventeen edition of its calendar. The 2009 Lavazza calendar gathers seven images depicting the Italian Spirit in a fantastic journey through a sophisticated, innovative Italy.

The photos, shot and processed in a New York studio, focus on internationally renowned Italian values such as Art&Architecture, High Fashion, the Cinema and, last but not least, the delicious Italian Kitchen.

The symbol of the true Italian style, " l'espresso Lavazza", is present in every picture. The style of Lavazza calendar 2009, entitled "The Italian Espresso Experience" is refined and elegant with a touch of romance and humor.


Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Models: Eva Riccobono, Gilda Sansone, Brooke and Alison Kowalski, Kate Ballo, Elettra Wiedemann, Marco De Conciliis, Alessia Piovan

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