burlesque style

In Bloom illustration by Peggy Wolf
November 5, 2019

After studying Fashion Design for five years German artist Peggy Wolf decided that she loved drawing fashionable women more than making clothes...

Leather small tote
July 29, 2018

Sumptuousness’ Italian leather unites with sparkling classic lines and a classical palette for a timeless handbag only Bottega Veneta could make.

Natalie Shau's Magic World
July 8, 2018

Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau is focusing on beautiful and dark heroines, disturbing little girls in rococo settings, solitary witches and sad...

Darren Hopes - from photography to illustration
April 29, 2018

Darren Hopes was always an illustrator. He had no doubt about what career he should choose, but, despite his feelings, he ended up studying photography. "Jem...

Jonas De Ro, Lost Citadel
April 15, 2018

Belgian artist Jonas De Ro has a bachelor degree and a master degree in audio-visual arts and his portfolio includes works from various fields like concept art,...

German Vogue
January 10, 2018

You could say that the January 2008 issue of German Vogue is an art dedicated number, judging only by these two photo shoots done by photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Avantgarde...

Sixties Style
April 3, 2017

No matter the color or texture, 60s inspired clothing is this year's main theme. I think this is atrend that is going to stay many seasons in the mainstream. Due to its elegant...