Marc Jacobs

January 1, 2020

I don’t know about your boots but this winter you must have a hat. And what sort of hat you might ask? Well, the newest trend is the small 20’s style fedora hat, very flattering...

Marc Jacobs handbag
September 3, 2019

Unlike brands such as Mulberry and Dior, Marc Jacobs proposes cuadrille for this season, because this is one of his new achievements. It’s a small bag, perfect for use....

Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2009 ad campaign
May 28, 2019

Marc Jacobs calls on again photographer Juergen Teller to shoot the spring-summer 2009 ad campaign starring Brazilian topmodel Raquel Zimmermann. The images show a sun-soaked...

Marc Jacobs fragrances
May 12, 2019

"Where Daisy is more innocent and sweet, Lola is more sensual — the name conjures up a flirtatious, warm spirit," said Marc Jacobs. "It was the first thing that came to my mind,...

Black Eyed Suzie victorian dolls
April 7, 2019

"Willow wander hither and thither, through wide meadows and verdant valleys, over babbling brooks and sibilant streams. So slim, she bends with the breeze, whispers the wind-song...

Angel doll by Tireless Artist
February 7, 2019

Dorote Zaukaite Villela from Kaunas, Lithuania brings beauty to the world with her amazing art dolls. Under the label of TirelessArtist...

Aleandro pump
July 29, 2018

Made in Italy, the Christin Michaels Aleandro is a smooth and sexy pump that is ideal for any circumstance.

Bradford pumps
July 29, 2018

A chic woman like you can never go wrong with a classic pair of ‘Bradford’ pumps from Kors by Michael Kors.

Daisee Shoe
July 29, 2018

Complete your contemporary look with this gradient finish pump that has a patent leather upper, cushioned footbed, covered high heel, man-made bottom. Available in pink, red,...

Print Pump
July 29, 2018

Conceptual black-and-white print revs up a pleasing signature pump, perched on a golden wrapped heel designed by Diane von Furstenberg and made in Italy.

Dottie Pump
July 29, 2018

Dottie Pump is imported, available just in catalog and web and has a man-made bottom.

Petal Cut-Out Pump
July 29, 2018

Petal Cut-Out Pump with a man-made bottom comes in yellow, black and red.

Sunglass warehouse fashion styles
July 23, 2018

Spring/summer 2008 collections showed how important sunglasses have become. I'm sure that, as a true fashionista, you know what fashion accessories can do to improve one's...

colored diamonds
May 5, 2018

I admit that, until now, I did not have a very good opinion on diamond jewelry - I don't know why but I just always related them with a lack of taste, useless starlets (a.k.a....

"You See Me" ring by Colleen Baran
April 19, 2018

I adore handmade designs; they send out so much of the creator's personality. As I laid my eyes on these gorgeous rings from Colleen Baran I just knew I had to have one. Colleen...

Exotic Wood Sterling Citrine necklace
February 5, 2018

Wood has become quite a fashionable jewelry material. Up till now it was taken in consideration only to complement summery safari or afro inspired looks. But this season, thanks...

Downtown Diva
January 14, 2018

It seems that today's ultimate goal is to achieve ultra-glamour. Everyone wants to be a diva and fashion is the way. "Downtown Diva" photo shoot appears in this month issue of...

Feather accessories
December 5, 2017

As holidays are few days ahead I'm sure you made a shopping list or even bought some gifts. But if you're like me and leave everything for the last minute here is some shopping...

Cacharel, Ellen Tracy, Miss Sixty
October 30, 2017

One of the many of this fall's trends that I'd like to take on but probably will end up being just a wish is the cowl neck knit hood-scarf. Why? Because it's one of those things...

Spider Earrings
October 28, 2017

I know I might be a little bit late with this post as Halloween is only three days ahead but I can't ignore this trend in fashion accessories: spider jewelry. I especially like...

Vintage silver jewelry
February 6, 2017

With vintage style being such a powerful trend in fashion right now, antique style jewelry like a simple silver pendant hanging on a plain leather string can make a fashion...

Animal prints in small bites
February 2, 2017

Who doesn’t find irresistible the wild and sexy mood of a right placed animal print? Well…I’m kind of fed up with so much animal prints seen this season. Feline or other wild...

Belted style
January 13, 2017

I love fashion accessories but I don’t know what to think about belts. French Connection Leather Belt I’m rather small and a large belt like those seen on the...

Wooden necklace
December 26, 2016

Although the chilly weather makes you dress 3 or 4 layers and that’s fine if you are a layers trend’s fan that doesn’t mean you can not wear jewelry. Wooden necklace...

Winter hats
December 22, 2016

This trend started just a few seasons ago- the ladies hat, once an essential accessory for an elegant outfit, is yet again a fashion statement. They’re not only chic but very...