Pantone colors for the spring-summer 2020 season

Pantone's have already set the colors for next year, whether it's clothes, accessories or bags . The executive director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eisman, said that fashion is often an indicator of what is happening in the world and around us.

Here are the top colors set by Pantone for spring-summer 2020:

Pantone colors for the spring-summer 2020 season

Flame Scarlet: Eiseman said that this bright red hue suggests attention and femininity. Last month in France, First Lady Melanie Trump wore an Alexander McQueen Dress in Scarlet Red. Her French counterpart Brigitte Macron wore a similar hue in a cut dress. 

Saffron: Yellow has always been a color of spring, suggesting the perspectives of spring, similar to that of saffron and sunlight. This very strong and determined hue adds a glow to the color palette for 2020 from Eiseman's point of view. She said that saffron is proof that we are really interested in finding out more about flavors, especially when used in other countries. 

Mosaic Blue : Remembering the intense blue sky, Mosaic Blue is a color that has a calming influence. And as the name suggests, this deep, dark navy shade has a little more life and vitality. For example, Meghan Markle wore dresses in Classic Blue shades by Jason Wu and Roksanda Athena. 

Biscay Green: This shade is cool and refreshing, even aquatic, and the name can lead you to travel, vacation.

Faded Denim: Eiseman described this "super comfortable shade" as being a new pair of new jeans that you just put on.

Orange peel: Director Pantone said that this color similar to the orange tart will be quite influential in the spring-summer season. Designers like Derek Lam from Crosby have added this shade to their spring collections. Even Cheetos hosted his first "House of Flamin" Haute fashion show on Thursday. Eiseman said that orange has always been a slow cultivator in fashion. Now, season after season, there is a certain orange hue.

Coral pink: Priyanka Chopra, Kate Middleton and even Queen Elizabeth II dressed in this warm and welcoming color. Besides the fact that its wearers stand out in a crowd, Coral Pink has its own history, raising the popularity of the Living Color model. "Pantone specialists know that, in general, one color of the year has a retention effect for the next year. Thus Coral Pink is a lighter spring version of the 2019 Living Coral color. 

Brilliant White: This basic element can also be a favorite shade for spring 2020 in combination with other bolder colors. Actress Rooney Mara opted for a white Givenchy dress on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. For the casual style this modern option can leave the wearer feeling clean and flawless. The bright white is when you need that "day without color, purity and cleanliness", as the director Pantone said.

The best hair supplements

Not only specific shampoos, masks and conditioners, even hair supplements help to strengthen and make your hair even healthier and more beautiful.

The best hair supplements

One of the main causes that does not allow to have healthy hair must in fact be traced in the diet , which is often lacking in some substances that are also fundamental for the hair. The best way to take them is to eat properly, but supplements can be taken if necessary. Here are what.

Amino acids and proteins : the most important protein to take, for hair health, is certainly keratin , which is also found in meat and fish. As for amino acids, the fundamentals are taurine , arginine , methionine and cysteine.

Vitamins : the most important to take into account when it comes to nutrition and any supplements to be taken are vitamin C and vitamin E , flavonoids and folic acid . Many of these can be taken by eating fruit such as citrus fruits and berries or vegetables such as broccoli. Do not forget the vitamin H , equally fundamental.

Mineral salts : the well-being of the hair absolutely needs magnesium , iron , zinc and copper. These are easily assimilable substances following a healthy and balanced diet. In case of deficiencies, on the other hand, it is possible to intervene with supplements.

5 shampoos with the best INCI

The shampoos with the best Inci (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) are those that do not contain harmful substances such as silicones, paraffins and parabens.

For this reason it is advisable to search for products and shampoos without parabens and silicones with extracts of natural derivation , which thanks to organic or biological ingredients and without particularly aggressive foaming substances safeguard the physical condition of our hair.


Nourish and repair shampoo from Madara : Nourishing and repairing shampoo for dry and damaged hair based on northern nettle and quince. Gently cleanses and repairs dry and damaged hair. Combats stress and prevents rupture and split ends. The hair will be stronger and naturally smooth. Recommended price: 15 euros. Buy now

Weleda's balancing wheat germ shampoo : gently cleanses and reduces dandruff. Its based on wheat germ oil and extracts of butcher's broom, pansy and organic sage, has a rebalancing action on the scalp. Without silicones. Recommended price: 7.99 euros. Buy now

Tea Tree Shampoo Phytorelax Shower : practical and quick to use, especially in the gym or on the go, this shower shampoo is a certified organic cosmetic that has 98% natural products. Based on Tea Tree Oil, which is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, it has dermo-purifying properties. Recommended price: € 5.90. Buy now

Lavera repairing shampoo : ideal for daily cleansing of dry, damaged and split ends. Contains rose hydrolat with a moisturizing and smoothing effect and pea proteins, which provide extra hydration and softness. The formulation is very delicate and helps to strengthen the hair from the roots to the ends. Recommended price: 3.99 euros. Buy now

DOUG AITKEN X PARLEY #2 Special Edition Ocean Bag – Artist Series

These limited edition geometric tote bags each remove 20lbs of marine plastic debris, and are created from ~5 intercepeted plastic bottles (Ocean Plastic!)

The oceans give us life. Give back with this limited-edition tote bag featuring the artwork of Doug Aitken.

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DOUG AITKEN X PARLEY #2 Special Edition Ocean Bag – Artist Series

3 new products of the Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 makeup industry

The prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture fashion shows have long indicated trends regarding the make-up of the new season and the cosmetic houses are ready with collections created for the joy of beauty addicts.

Let's see 3 new products of the Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 makeup industry:

1. Noir et Blanc de ChanelLucia Pica has created a new makeup collection inspired by the codes of the Maison and her Paris, which explores the two eternal opposites and their nuances, gray, brown and burgundy.

Noir et Blanc de Chanel

2. Power Look, the Dior Fall Collection from Peter Philips, a color palette of raw shades illuminated by the artistic nuances of city lights, played on gray, brown and burgundy or on purple, gray and light blue.

3. Essence of Shadows by Givenchy : the new 9-color palette created by Nicolas Degennes recreates shades of gray and combines different beige-pinkish sepia. On the lips, nude and purple.

JojoFashion collection: evening dresses for magical nights

Wearing evening dresses from JojoFashion you can write your own story in which the color, atmosphere and feeling is real, it is the one created by you and it is magic by the simple fact that you feel beautiful. And the story can be recounted every night when you choose an outfit that describes your style.

JojoFashion collection
JojoFashion collection

Giampaolo Sgura photo-shoots Gigi Hadid for Vogue Germany

Fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura photo-shoots model Gigi Hadid for Vogue Germany November 2019.

Styled by Christiane Arp & Nicola Knels.

Makeup by Fulvia Farolfi.

Hair by Bob Recine.

Gigi Hadid for Vogue Germany
Gigi Hadid for Vogue Germany
Gigi Hadid for Vogue Germany

Jelena Noura "Gigi" Hadid is an American fashion model born on April 23, 1995. Height: 1.79 m . Hair color: Blonde


A sculptural 3D knit form, trimmed in bark tanned leather. Expands and contracts to accommodate your belongings.

Hand crafted from thread to finish - Made entirely in North America.

Material: 50% Monofilament, 50% Polyester. Knit in Canada

Trim: 100% Bark Tanned Leather. Tanned in the USA


Caat - a cute cat shaped silicone skin for your Google Home Mini

Odd-on Industries just launched Caat - a cute cat shaped silicone skin for your Google Home Mini.

"Caat is a new and fun accessory for the Google Home Mini. Caat transforms your smart speaker into a customizable pet friend for the home and is available in multiple colors - white, black and red. Made high quality silicone, the Caat will bring a smile every time you interact with it.

Caat - a cute cat shaped silicone skin for your Google Home Mini

Pandora Launches Magic Fall Collection - Wonderland

The world famous jewelry brand Pandora has released a new collection - Wonderland.

Pandora Wonderland is a symbolic dream world that inspires openness, kindness and recognition of differences - all that is within us. Wonderland is a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and self-confidence and self-expression are fully encouraged. The new collection promises to be a beautiful and unexpected way of self-knowledge.

Pandora O pendant

The pendant is presented in three branded metals - sterling silver, Pandora Shine and Pandora Rose, and weaving completely repeats the relief of the classic Pandora Moments bracelet.

Choosing a small, medium or large format pendant Pandora O, you can place on it three, five, seven beads or pendants, which allows you to change the style of jewelry in no time. Choosing beads, everyone can tell the world around them their story, emphasize their own personality and share their hobbies.

This fall, Pandora opens a new chapter in its history and inspires women to tell the world what they love and passionate about.

Pandora's new signature color is pink - playful, stylish, and friendly.