Blumarine fall 2008 - winter 2009 ad campaign

These luminous shots featuring lovely Natasha Poly were done by photographer Craig McDean for the new Blumarine ad campaign. This Italian label is known for sweet and romantic with a lot of sparkle, but, for the fall 2008 season, designer Anna Molinari turned towards a sexier, almost vampy look. There's still sweetness going on: a lot of frills, ruffles and nude-shades, but there's also a body-con leopard-print dress and Natasha's fierce gaze.

You could assume this is a spring campaign judging for the lights and warm colours but the scenery- what looks like a southern highway and a "Bedouin tent", with swinging tassels- makes me think of a desert winter.


Blumarine fall 2008
Blumarine Natasha 2008
Blumarine Natasha campaign
Blumarine ad campaign
Blumarine Natasha fall 2008
Blumarine fall campaign
Blumarine Natasha ad
Blumarine fall 2008 campaign
Blumarine Natasha Poly

Model: Natasha Poly

Photographer:  Craig McDean

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