Alice in Fashionland

"Lewis Carroll dressed her as an innocent in satin and ribbons. Disney made her flaxen haired and saucer eyed. In the pages of Vogue the land of merry unbirthdays and late running rabbits shimmers to life again - as the world's most influential designers dress the original little girl lost in their own visions.
This is the description of an outstanding Annie Leibovitz signed fashion editorial starring supermodel Natalia Vodianova. The Alice in Wonderland photoshoot, published in December 2004 issue of Vogue Magazine (US), depicts the namesake tale in a very glamorous mood. An angel-faced Natalia is sporting couture blue dresses playing Alice alongside some of the biggest names in fashion modeling their own designs. Neat, huh?
Leibovitz - Lewis Carroll
Enjoy the only pictures you'll ever see with designer Olivier Theyskens as writer Lewis Caroll, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren as goofy characters Tweedledum&Tweedledee, as well as a pre-fitness-mania Marc Jacobs as the Caterpillar or the megalomaniac John Galliano as the Queen of Hearts (no, wait, we usually see him as such). I'll leave you to recognize the rest of the cast.
Leibovitz - Mock Turtle Story
Leibovitz - Looking Glass House
Leibovitz - King of Hearts
Leibovitz - Pig&Pepper
Leibovitz - Down the Rabbit Hole
Leibovitz - Cheshire Cat
Leibovitz - Tweedledum&Tweedledee
Leibovitz - Mad Tea Party
Leibovitz - Caterpillar
Leibovitz - The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill
Leibovitz - Alice
Editorial: Alice in Wonderland
Magazine: Vogue US, December 2004
Model: Natalia Vodianova
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
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