Kate Spade # MissAdventure starring Anna Kendrick

In the pilot episode for Kate Spade’s new series following the # MissAdventure of a crazy heroine, time flies while waiting for the locksmith on her manhattan brownstone stoop. Anna Kendrick is starring as #missadventure. A stroke of genius by far they had a great idea by putting anna kendrick for their commercials.

Remember when # MissAdventure spent a holiday afternoon waiting for a locksmith? The #missadventure continues in episode 2: “the great escape”, when she arrives at the iconic sunset tower hotel in Los Angeles and is received by a situation of mistaken identity. Featuring Anna Kendrick, an insane, beautiful & talented actor.

In the Kate Spade’s fashion advertisement, titled "The Best Company" set in the Russian Tea Room in N.Y.C., she talks to her purse and the result is three minutes of entertaining. Watch Anna Kendrick in Kate Spade’s New York #MissAdventure episode 3 “the best company”, below.

Kate Spade: Miss Adventure - The best company

After leaving a holiday evening at her preferred restaurant, the Russian Tea Room in N.Y.C., Anna Kendrick takes an unexpected detour when she jumps into Zosia Mamet's taxicab in # MissAdventure episode 4, "the joy ride."

Kate Spade: Miss Adventure - The joy ride

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