Outfit ideas for returning to the office

It is said that a lady uses, on average, 2 years of her life in front of the closet, complaining that she has nothing to wear. At the same time, the closet is suffocated with clothes of all kinds, and if we dig well among them, we will surely find a lot of clothing items that we have completely forgotten about. And some of them we might be surprised to fit perfectly in a chic outfit, perfect for the office.

I don't think it surprises anyone if I say that many, many of those who have been working from home since March last year have been looking forward to returning to work. Sure, it's great not to waste hours in traffic, not to wake up an hour before you prepare them all, but it seems that the lack of socialization, brainstorming meetings and even the banal choice of clothes for each day have made fully felt the lack. And chatting about clothes, I've come up with some outfit ideas for back in the summer.

If on cold days it doesn't seem very complicated to choose office clothes when it gets hot things don't seem to be as simple. You don't seem to love classic pants, suit suits or jackets so much anymore. Of course, it is not a good idea to confuse the office with the pool no matter how permissive it is held at work, but we can find combinations that are as light as they are interesting and suitable for going to the office. Who said seriousness means lack of colour or imagination? Certainly not talented designers.

Before we talk about models, it is important to talk a little about materials. Natural fibres such as flax, cotton, hemp or silk are perfect in summer because they allow the skin to breathe and withstand high temperatures more easily. Then, colours are also important. Forget black, navy, grey and brown and let the colours brighten your day. Okay, you don't have to put them aside, but consider colours like yellow, green, or red.

A gaben dress made of natural fibres and with light and feminine cuts goes perfectly in almost any situation, whether you choose to wear it with high-heeled sandals or comfortable ballerinas.

A pencil skirt made of natural materials and a light top is another outfit idea that should not be ruled out this summer and not only for the days when I go to the office.

The wide pants are a wonder to wear in summer because they are comfortable, light and fit very well at the office. Choose the three-quarter version, an equally light top and a thin shirt or sweater on top for cool mornings.

And jeans can be part of an office outfit if you accessorize them properly and, of course, you don't work in a bank or a corporation with very strict rules when it comes to outfits. Wear them with a light blouse, a three-quarter sleeve jacket and shoes that fit your legs.

Not only pencil skirts are suitable for the office. Choose a pleated, circular or asymmetrical one and your outfit will be just as proper for the office. The light silk tops go hand in hand with such skirts.

Black and white outfits are always very popular, so choose a pair of black pants, slim or cigarette, which you can accessorize with a long white shirt, high heels - if you keep your feet, if not, they go great and sneakers or oxford shoes - and an oversized bag.

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