Castello Cavalcanti, a Prada cinematic story

Latest cinematic endeavor from Italian fashion house Prada is an 8 min short-film written and directed by Wes Anderson. Castello Cavalcanti is a humorous story set in 1955 Italy, in a light-hearted homage paid to Federico Fellini. The short film was shot at Cinecitta Studios, where La Dolce Vita was made, and was inspired by a scene from Amacord (by same Fellini). Starring Anderson's frequent collaborator American actor Jason Schwartzman and Italian actress Giada Colagrande the film tells a story about a racing car driver who crashes his car in a small Italian village (against a statue of Jesus) but, surprisingly and amusingly, discovers that he belongs to that place.

American film director and screenwriter Wes Anderson, who also co-directed, along with Roman Coppola a short series for PradaCandy L’Eau” fragrance starring French actress Léa Seydoux, continues to lend his whimsical cinematic style filled with gentle irony and visual delight to all his commercial projects.

Castello Cavalcanti short film debuted on November 13th at Rome Film Festival and benefits from Darius Khondji's sharp cinematography and from beautiful historical costumes created by three-time Oscar winner Milena Canonero.

Castello Cavalcanti by Wes Anderson

cast and crew:

Jason Schwartzman
Giada Colagrande

Written and directed by Wes Anderson
Cinematography: Darius Khondji
Editing: Stephen Perkins
Production Design: Stefano Ortolani
Costumes Design: Milena Canonero
Music: Alessandro Casella & Randall Poster
Production: The Directors Bureau in association with Hi! Production

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