Whimsical design by Kronkron

Whimsical design by Kronkron

I love the colorful, cheerful, whimsical aesthetic of Kron by KronKron shoes. They look like coming right out of the Wonderland after being on a Galapagos adventure and on an African safari. The thick soles and heels make them super-comfy while the use of fine suede, patent leather and velvet put the Kron shoes in the luxury range. Tinted in bold color blocks in mix with white, black and gray, decorated with bows, frills and tassels this could sound a little too much but they can be a true staple in an imaginative wardrobe.

Kron by Kronkron shoes ss2010Kron by Kronkron shoes ss2010

Kron shoes are designed by the owners and founders of KronKron, Hugrún Árnadóttir (a fashion designer graduated from Studio Berçot in Paris) and Magni Þorsteinsson (who previously worked as a hairstylist). They have been in the shoe business since year 2000 when they launched their first store and by 2004 they developed KronKron, a fashion-forward store focusing on up-and-coming designers as well as innovative leading brands in the industry.

Kron by Kronkron shoe collection 2010Kron by Kronkron shoe collection 2010

The collaboration with young creative minds continues with the Kron by KronKron lookbook photographed by London based Saga Sig and maintaining a contemporary art focused weblog.

Kron by Kronkron - Saga SigKronkron collection- Saga Sig

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