Pirelli Calendar 2008

"Pearls of the Orient" is the title given to the 35th edition of Pirelli Calendar, shot for the first time in China (and entirely in Shanghai) features eight Western fashion top models and three Chinese beauty among which actress Maggie Cheung. Also for the first time ever, the calendar gets a more innocent, graceful look, a disappointment maybe to those who expected the usual images of the past Pirellis and a joy for art photography's fans.

Patrick Demarchelier, a legendary name in fashion and art photography, took once again the task of creating 12 visual stories, after the 2005 edition of Pirelli Calendar shot in Brazil. And he carries it out quite brilliantly.

His impressive career includes collaboration with top fashion magazines: Vogue (American, French and British publications), Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. In 1989 he became, by request, Princess Diana's official photographer. He also shot for fashion and beauty campaigns including top brands such as: Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Guerlain, Lancome.

At the present, Patrick lives with his family in New York, recently signed a contract with Conde Nast trust and is planning solo art photography exhibitions in cities like Moscow, Paris, London and Brazil.

Pirelli Calendar 2008 JanuaryPirelli Calendar 2008 January extra

January model: Catherine McNeil (Australia)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 FebruaryPirelli Calendar 2008 February extra

February model: Mo Wan Dan (China)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 MarchPirelli Calendar 2008 March extra

March model: Doutzen Kroes (Holland)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 AprilPirelli Calendar 2008 April extra

April model: Gemma Ward (Australia)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 MayPirelli Calendar 2008 May extra

May model: Lily Donaldson (UK)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 JunePirelli Calendar 2008 June extra

June model: Agyness Dein (UK)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 JulyPirelli Calendar 2008 August

July&August model: Coco Rocha (Canada)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 SeptemberPirelli Calendar 2008 September extra

September model: Sasha Pivovarova (Russia)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 OctoberPirelli Calendar 2008 October extra

October model: Du Juan (China)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 NovemberPirelli Calendar 2008 November extra

November model: actress Maggie Cheung (China)

Pirelli Calendar 2008 DecemberPirelli Calendar 2008 December extra

December model: Caroline Trentini (Brazil)

images credit www.pirellical.com
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