Astonishing mind games

Vladimir Kush, Breakfast on The Lake

Nothing is what it seems at first sight. If you look closely enough you will see reality distorted in a beautiful, stunning way. Vladimir Kush's paintings and sculptures fascinate me. This talented Russian artist plays with our perceptions and makes startling connections I would never think possible.

Vladimir Kush, Breakfast on The LakeVladimir Kush, Breakfast on The Lake

Let me give you some examples: a purse or a shell that hides two lovers, the moon morphed into a volley ball, a human larva in a tree shell foraged by a woodpecker, a sharp circus with scissors acrobats and many other mind games I would watch over and over again.

Every painting and sculpture has a powerful message, with a philosophical meaning. Genesis, unconscious or past life, human progress are just a few of artist's themes.

Vladimir Kush, Cirque du MetalVladimir Kush, Cirque du Metal

Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow, Russia. His father was a scientist and other members of his family were artists. At the age of seven, he attended two schools, a regular one and an art school. After ten years it was time he attended the Moscow Art Institute.

In 1987 he was invited to paint a series of portraits for the U.S. Embassy staff, but that finally had to be curtailed off after KGB became suspicious of his involvement with the Americans. His "American odyssey", as he likes to say, began a little bit later, in 1990, when Vladimir flew to Los Angeles for a showing of his best 20 artworks. His odyssey continues.

Vladimir Kush, Above the Sea Level
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Vladimir Kush, Shell

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