Cars, vivid colors and ghosts

What I love most about Andreas M. Wiese's paintings is that each of them has a captivating scenario at its core. Whether is about old cars, lost cities, troubling, ghostly characters, each artwork opens a strange and unique world to the observer where all things are at the line between magic realism and surreal.

Andreas M. Wiese, The Emperor of Iona  (Der Herrscher von Iona)Andreas M. Wiese, The Emperor of Iona (Der Herrscher von Iona)

Furthermore, this subtle line between reality and supernatural is supp0rted by the aesthetic and technical quality of his painted canvas, often dived in pure red, bold green, deep blue or purple. Colors seem characters on their own. Likewise, cars and buildings have their own story to tell. Born and raised in Germany, Andreas M. Wiese studied at Dusseldorf Art Academy and was master student of Professor Konrad Klapheck. He also ventures in creating mixed media and other artistic installations.

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