Monster trance

Before imagining cute and funny monsters, Shane Devries worked for Showpony Advertising agency, in Adelaide, Australia. This 26 year old artist was as an illustrator, did storyboards, magazine ads, postcards and posters, but ended his job in order to develop his career as a painter. His artworks are absolutely beautiful.

Shane Devries, Mother and ChildShane Devries, Mother and Child

Even if they don't have a hidden message as you may think. They are cool, catchy, result of a daydream. They are just fun, not at all symbolic. So, every time he feels like, Shane draws a little sketch, a bit disproportionate, and then paints it semi-realistic. Funny thing is he never remembers how he actually does the brush strokes. Is like getting into a trance, every time he paints. Simply charming!

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