Zai Kuang's misterious universe

Zai Kuang has a main interest in painting children. His works of art, created with oil on board, canvas or linen, are most of them orientated on these characters because of a simple motive.

Zai Kuang, Sarah and the dollZai Kuang, Sarah and the doll

"The reason I choose children as my subject is that they inspire simplicity, purity and harmony, they are my attentions during the process of painting. I think children match the thought perfectly", says Zai Kuang. Nevertheless, this famous Chinese artist ventures beyond the house in some paintings, and captures domestic scenes, without getting too sentimentalist.

His paintings, drawn without exception in a realist manner are not overwhelmed by detail. On the contrary, Kuang places every person, object and home decor detail very carefully, very elaborate, with no unrequired details,  so the resulting image have a theatrical appearance. His paintings also give you the feeling of a private atmosphere, an intimate universe, dominated by mystery and silence. I guess that are the best words to describe Zai Kuang's paintings: beautiful and silent. See more of them here.

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