Paintings, traveling and a seek for inspiration

I simply love the world that Seth Armstrong depicts through his paintings. He mixes realism with a touch of fictional; he knows how to be ironic without crossing the line, and funny without diminishing the message of his artworks. Plus, if the subject of his works is violence or sensuality, he delivers a powerful message, in a subtle way, without underestimating the viewer’s intelligence.

Seth Armstrong, A view of Budapest from the trekkie deekieSeth Armstrong, A view of Budapest from the trekkie deekie

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Seth Armstrong now lives in Oakland, CA. He began his artistic career after studying painting in Northern Holland and receiving a BFA from the California College of Arts.

Most of his artworks are done in oil on paper or on canvas, but Armstrong also explores other mediums, like ink or graphite on paper. He finds ideas for future projects when he is in the middle of one, and the biggest source of inspiration seems to be traveling. I totally understand him!  

Seth Armstrong, Stripes on the beachSeth Armstrong, Stripes on the beach

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