Melancholic vision of desire

Audrey Kawasaki, My Dishonest Heart

Audrey Kawasaki’s artworks are based on splendid contradictions. Her painted heroines and heroes are erotic and innocent, young but wise, disturbingly beautiful, intentionally ambiguous. Audrey’s style is influenced by both Manga comics and Art Nouveau, her ideas being brought to life with unique, flawless painting techniques.

Audrey Kawasaki, My Dishonest HeartAudrey Kawasaki, My Dishonest Heart

This American artist paints with oils and graphite directly on wood panels, bringing unexpected warmth to her compositions. Without exception, Audrey’s characters seem melancholic, captive in their own sensuous, dreamy universe, yet accessible and ready to be unraveled.  

Audrey Kawasaki, The Bird QueenAudrey Kawasaki, The Bird Queen

 Audrey Kawasaki (born 1982, Los Angeles, California) studied at Pratt Institute in New York but she left after two years because she didn’t want to pursue fine art after New York standards, considered to be too inaccessible and high-class. Nowadays she is considered a rising star on the American art scene and her works have splendid critiques, with one exception, her own: “I always feel I can do better”.

Audrey Kawasaki, Yuuwaku
Audrey Kawasaki, Plucked
Audrey Kawasaki, Negaigoto
Audrey Kawasaki, Mayakashi
Audrey Kawasaki, Night Parade
Audrey Kawasaki, Flutter Away
Audrey Kawasaki, Carry On
Audrey Kawasaki, Boy in Static
Audrey Kawasaki, Blue

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